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From You Flowers. LLC
What is the best way to describe Anna?

She is a good girl.

She is a bad girl.

She is thoughtful.

She is reckless.

She is wild.

She is wildly considerate of others.

She is very, very funny.

She is brilliant.

Her words make you laugh really hard.  

The kind of hard laughing we forget we knew how to do.

Anna Collins is one of the most wonderfully talented writers on the
planet, and especially in Miami!

We love Anna Collins and hope you will too.

Enjoy these little snippets of her wonderful work:

Excerpts from A View from a Broad - The Book:

Men and Women… Women may call the shots in sex-but men hold the cards on the phone
calls. (Isn't it interesting how the angst and subliminal torture are so evenly distributed between
the sexes?)

Tattoos… I just never hooked into the whole tattoo thing. So far, I really can't think of anything
that I'd want on me FOREVER. Neither a man, nor an illustration.

Imposter perfumes… Supermarkets and drugstores now sell "imposter brands" of perfume.
The marketing is brilliant. The display says stuff like, "If you love 'Beautiful', you'll like…Slightly
Attractive. If you love 'Eternity', you'll like…A Long Ass Time. And if you love 'Opium', you'll like

Self-reflection… Think of all the really good moves you've made in your life. OK, those two
minutes are over.

Internet dating… Whom should I pick? The guy posing in a wife-beater tee leaning up against
a Mustang with his drooling pit bull by his side? Or the grinning guy holding up a beer mug,
flanked by two scantily clad women and a suspicious looking pole in the background?

Being Spiritual… I took a yoga course and became a certified yoga instructor. Why? Because I
wanted to be more spiritual, enlightened, and I thought the poses would tighten my ass

Excerpts from her other books!

I Was a Vampire Comic - by Anna Collins
At the Neck & Fang Club - Midnight Show:
The room is silent as I take the stage. My heart is pounding. An odd thought goes through my
head: even if I was really funny, great in fact, I still can't say that 'I killed' because the audience
is already dead.

Beach Docor Anne - by Anna Collins
Anne Gardner, M.D., sat in her Miami Beach office and looked out her window at Collins
Avenue and the ocean. The office was modest, but the rent sure wasn’t. You pay for trendy,
she rationalized, ............

Days of Wine and Posers - by Anna Collins
"Does there have to be a flat screen television everywhere you go these days?” I’m asking my
friend Barb, as we sit crossed legged on my new living room carpet in my new oceanfront
home. ..........

Neighbor - by Anna Collins
I am having an affair with my neighbor. And it's probably not a good thing. Not because first of
all, hello, he is my neighbor. And it isn't because he's an ex-con who's done time for armed
robbery or that he can't take his face out of the bong for more than two seconds ...........
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